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This section will help students define and analytically think about the character traits through a variety of teaching tools:

Definitions - Explanations are provided for what the trait means, and does not mean.

Case Studies - Each character trait offers a case study to be read and analyzed. The case study is a "moral story", in which the characters are presented with a dilemma related to the character trait being studied. Teachers are supplied with associated questions that should be discussed in class.

Historical Profiles - In keeping with the theme of heroes and their exploits, historical profiles of famous individuals, groups and occupations from various time periods and places are provided for each character trait. These brief profiles explain how the character trait being studied was employed by these subjects, and how others were affected by it.

Discussion Questions - For each character trait, the student is presented with discussion questions and an activity related to the trait. The purpose of discussion questions is to help the student relate the trait to his or her own experience. The activity is designed to assist the student in learning the trait by using a variety of teaching strategies.

Quotations - For each character trait, you will find five quotations, taken from various sources, which examine the trait in a unique way. Students should be challenged by their teacher to analyze the quotes and discuss them.

Puzzles - Puzzles are provided as fun exercises designed to stimulate logical reasoning and reinforce understanding of the character trait. Some of the puzzles will also help develop vocabulary related to the traits.

Literature - For each trait, an annotated bibliography is provided. Updated annually, literature in our curriculum is selected for quality, availability, and cultural diversity.


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