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The final section of the curriculum was created to give the teacher an opportunity to help the student apply and synthesize what has been learned during the month and to evaluate how well the student has comprehended the information received.

Class Projects - The class project will take four days to complete. For two days, students will collaborate on a given project. The following two days will be designated for students to present their projects. Allowing four days to complete the project gives the teacher and students some flexibility in terms of schedule. Upon completion, projects can be displayed in the classroom, on bulletin boards or in hallways where they can be viewed by other classes, parents and visitors.

Learning Log Response Questions - The final activity of each character study is for the student to "log" what he or she has learned throughout the month. Several questions are provided to assist the student in reflecting on what he or she believes to be the most important lessons learned. In this exercise, students attempt to assimilate the information they been give during the month and incorporate it into their lives. Students may use notebook paper to "log" their learning. You might want to have students keep a folder in which to keep their learning "logs".

Certificate of Knightly Character - Meaningful praise is essential to student internalization of The Code. Reproducible Certificates of Knightly Character are provided on The Code website for that purpose. Once your students complete all lessons for a character trait successfully, this certificate can be awarded to them in recognition of their good work.

Class Charge and Meeting - In order to reiforce The Code in class, the teacher and students should memorize and recite The Four Way Test as a daily group affirmation. The Four Way Test is provided at the top of the teaching timeline for each character trait. Reciting the Test daily reminds students that they are committing themselves to the practice of good character.


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