Ethical Strength&Moral Courage

For Educators

Age-appropriate, daily, ten-minute character-building lesson plans at your fingertips that save and regain time.

For Students

The Code makes learning about good character fun, exciting, and educational for young people with its examination of  heroic men and women.

For Families

Families support The Code because of the positive influence it has upon their children and the opportunities it provides them to participate.

By law, many schools are either required or strongly encouraged to provide character education to their students in the classroom. Character education can be a great for everybody if taught properly; but, like everything in life, money, time and motivation eventually determine success or failure.

Teaching character effectively to schoolchildren is challenging, and choosing a method can be confusing. Some schools try to develop their own character-building strategy. Others turn to the marketplace for character education programs, which can be expensive to buy, difficult to integrate, and incomplete in content. A few companies advertise a polished, goal-oriented philosophy of ethics that looks and sounds wonderful, but requires busy teachers to create their own lesson plans when they have a million other things to do. More often than not, a lot of money is spent, and time wasted, on putting together an initiative that ultimately benefits no one but the company that sold it to you. True character education should have value for you - fun for students to learn, easy for educators to teach, bring improvement to the overall learning environment, and deliver on the results you expect.

The Code Curriculum offers those benefits and more at a very reasonable cost. A complete online character-building curriculum, The Code provides age-appropriate, ten-minute, daily lessons that begin with the first day of Kindergarten and progress through the last day of 8th grade. Since 2006, The Code has been used successfully as the exclusive curriculum for the national award-winning EarlyAct FirstKnight® (EAFK) character education program, sponsored by Rotary Clubs throughout the United States. In response to requests from numerous educators from outside the EAFK network, we have made The Code available to all elementary and middle schools. The sole purpose of this website is to introduce educators to The Code and evaluate the benefits it can bring to their campuses.

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